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About our entire range of guitars

Great Guitars. The range reminds me of Ashton's but these are better

Dennis (sampled the entire range of guitars at one of our market stalls)

I have a friend who is a very experienced musician who I know has looked at DreamTone guitars. I asked him if they were any good before I came to buy one and he told me that they're so good he records with!


Your gear is so god that I keep referring my friends and they keep buying your guitars.


Your whole range just has unbelievable tone. These are fantastic guitars, they sound great, the finish is very good and they are a pleasure to play. And the price is unbelievable. 


Thanks for your honest advice and assistance on what to look at when we bought our second hand guitar. We will certainly be back to buy from you if our daughter decides to stick with it.


This is just a sweet sounding guitar and the body shape makes it so comfortable to play. I love it!!


Excellent Guitar, easy company to deal with, prompt delivery!


very nice Guitar, highly recommended


My wife and I like this guitar so much we've come back to buy another one to stop the fights over who gets to play it!



Fantastic tone  with great intonation right the way up the neck. It reminds me of my old Spanish, hand made  guitar, both in size and in the sound

Anonymous music teacher at one of our market stalls

Fantastic guitar, If you're looking for something to learn on that has heaps of tome and will meet your needs way beyond a beginner why look at anything else.



I had been looking around at a number of different classical guitars to teach my daughters on, until I found the dreamtone guitar. The search is over - nothing else comes close!

Chris - Primary School Music Teacher

Thankyou for your professionalism and getting it here quickly.


Awesome guitar, thank you - love it



You might call this your entry level acoustic, but it is so much better than that. These guitars are REALLY well made, very professional. It has great action, is a joy to play and sounds so good. I love it. Your guitars prove that not everyone makes guitars just to price. Someone is actually producing with sound and playability to the forefront.


This is a much better acoustic than the entry level Fender acoustic. It is much better made and has a way better tone


I don't know how you can sell something so good so cheaply!



Fantastic looks, fantastic sound, fantastic action, fantastic price


This looks, sounds and plays way better than the guitar I just paid $700 for, and that didn't include the hard case. What a great guitar and what a great deal!


This guitar is too good for that price, you really should be charging much for such a great sounding and looking guitar


AG-020/12  12 String Acoustic

great item, very quick delivery, a pleasure to deal with


All I can say is WOW!!! These just sound so nice and are great to play. I can't believe the price for something so good.



Fantastic action with a fast neck. The pickups are great. It plays and sounds so good. Combined with your GX-20 amp, this is one f the best packages around.