EAG-0138  Natural              EAG-0380 Cherry SunBurst




Price $200.00 plus delivery costs

This acoustic electric guitar is handcrafted with a laminated linden soundboard, back and sides. It has a Belcat slide volume and slide tone control with a passive pickup. It features a hard maple neck and rosewood fretboard.

This is a small , lightweight guitar that produces a bright sound  unplugged yet is capable of booming bass tones amplified. The neck has a great action that will keep you playing for hours and the tone is everything that you will come to expect from DreamTone guitars.

This guitar comes complete with high quality padded gig bag with unique design that prevents guitar from spilling out of bag if picked up by one handle with zip undone. Gig bag has two carry handles, two backpack straps and zippered music/accessory pocket.

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