Our aim is to provide links to sites that we feel will either provide good reliable information or value for money in terms of learning guitar or learning to play particular songs. To that end we will be constantly looking for links to quality sites that we are happy to recommend to you (and use ourselves). We will add more links in coming months.


Recommended Video Lessons

This is a great site run by Englishman Mike Herberts. Mike will teach you how to play a wide variety  of songs (and the list is growing) via video lessons. They are  taught in a manner that will allow most guitarists to learn the songs easily and we believe the cost offers real value for money. Mike offers one of the few internet based learning that I believe delivers what he promises. 


In addition to his excellent series of learning videos, Mike has had a great program called SloMo Director developed to make it even easier to learn from his video lessons. I have tried it and it really does what is promised!

You can sign up for Mike's newsletters that include free video lessons, just click on the link above.


   Chappas Textile Printing

Chappas Textile Printing offer a range of supplies for screen printing from screen printing paints through to excellent screens for printing, all at very reasonable prices. Vivienne at Chappas is a helpful mine of information and will provide the answers you need to get your screen printing job underway.

DreamTone use and recommend Chappas Textiles for our Screen Printing requisites, so if you are looking to screen print your band T-Shirts or other items, get in touch with Vivienne for some good, old fashioned service!!